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E.C.D (Esophageal Cooling and Warming Device)

Advanced Cooling Therapy

A single use, fully-enclosed triple lumen system is inserted into the esophagus to modulate and control patient temperature when clinically indicated.

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Haider Scientific

MedMate is ideal to transfer the drawn-up blood specimens into specimen tubes without the inherent risk of needlestick injury in this otherwise very high risk setting.

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Haider Tube Guard

Haider Scientific

The Haider Tube Guard is a state of the art endotracheal tube security device.

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IV Guard

Da Vinci Medical Inc.

Organizes up to 14 IV lines.

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Nasal Alar SpO2™ Sensor


Nasal Alar SpO2™ Sensor is your solution for fast, accurate and dependable SpO2 readings.

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McTree Tube Support™

McArthur Medical Sales Inc.

Manages Adult and Pediatric Corrugated Breathing Tubes.

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IV Line Management

Da Vinci Medical

IV Guard® sets the standard for IV line management.

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Laryngoscope Systems

Propper Manufacturing

Offering an extensive family of laryngoscope handles, blades and sets.

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ANAPOD™ Active Heated Humidification System for Anesthesia


The ANAPOD™ system is a unique, self­-contained approach, eliminating manual temperature balance and humidity control.

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Grip-Lok Securement Devices

TIDI Products

Grip-Lok Catheter and Line Securement Products for securing all types of tubes, lines and catheters.

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Haider Scientific

ScopeMate is a unique system designed to satisfy all of your bronchoscopy needs.

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