Project Description

AquaVENT VT Ventilator Circuits

Ventilator circuits with AquaVENT VT (Vapor Transition) technology provide humidity for the patient and dry expiratory limb for the staff. Circuits for Adult, Neonatal, Transport, Resuscitation.

Key Benefits of AquaVENT® VT

1. Optimal Humidification
The patented AquaVENT® Heated Wire designs minimizes loss of water vapour in the inspiratory limb, delivering optimal humidification to the patient.

2. Dry Expiratory Limb
The unique layered properties of the expiratory limb achieves a high Moisture Vapour Transition Rate (MVTR), providing a dry expiratory limb.

3. BioCote® Antimicrobial Protection
BioCote® antimicrobial silver additive limits the number of microbes on the surface of the ventilator circuit, protecting it from microbial colonization.

Product Sheet
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