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What's New in Research / Education

McArthur Medical Sales Inc. offers may new and innovative high quality products for hospital, medical professionals, and home-care use, featured here and divided into special classifications, to suit your health-care needs. You can browse by category for additional new items.



Low cost spirometry made simple

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MACS critical care CPAP for EMS ground / air transport and Hospital use.

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In-Check DIAL G16

Clement Clarke

Guiding correct DPI & pMDI inhalation rateMany patients do not use their inhalers correctly, failing to inhale at the correct flow rate. International asthma management guidelines call for inhaler review.In-Check DIAL G16 enables healthcare professionals to coach patients to use their inhalers correctly. The device measures peak inspiratory flow rate, and can simulate the resistance characteristics of the specific inhaler of a patient, providing the device is set on the correct setting. The patient can then be trained to inhale at a flow rate known to be suitable for their personal DPI or pMDI.

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McAurthur Medical

Flusso™ is a by pass adapter that can be used with passive or active humidity systems to prevent the disconnection of the patient from the mechanical ventilator during a circuit change, HME change or disconnection of patient for transport.

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Rice Lake - Digital Wheelchair Scale

Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Digital Wheelchair Scales with 1,000 lb (450kg) Capacity Available in multiple configurations:  single or dual ramp folding or remote with folding chair        

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The Breastpump for professional use.

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