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New Products

McArthur Medical Sales Inc. offers may new and innovative high quality products for hospital, medical professionals, and home-care use, featured here and divided into special classifications, to suit your health-care needs. You can browse by category for additional new items.



The Breastpump for professional use.

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Dial Style Flowmeter


We offer a complete line of Flowmeters from Neonatal to Adult, in Standard Thorpe style and Dial Style.

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In-Check DIAL G16

Clement Clarke

Guiding correct DPI & pMDI inhalation rate

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McAurthur Medical

Flusso™ is a by pass adapter that can be used with passive or active humidity systems to prevent the disconnection of the patient from the mechanical ventilator during a circuit change, HME change or disconnection of patient for transport.

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TRACOE silcosoft Tracheostomy Tube for neonates and infants, made from silicone


TRACOE silcosoft is a very soft, flexible, spiral-reinforced silicone tube. The neck flange has been designed with pediatric anatomy in mind.

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Oscar 2 - Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (ABPM)

SunTech Medical

Oscar 2 can provide blood pressure variability, night-time readings, overnight dipping and monitor surges of blood pressure.

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