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New Hospital Products



Accurately assess and monitor airway inflammationWhile airway inflammation is known to be the major underlying characteristic of asthma, there are few methods of measuring it.

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McArthur Medical Sales Inc.

One adapter for mask or tracheostomy medication delivery from a Soft Mist Inhaler.

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TRACOE silcosoft Tracheostomy Tube for neonates and infants, made from silicone


TRACOE silcosoft is a very soft, flexible, spiral-reinforced silicone tube. The neck flange has been designed with pediatric anatomy in mind.

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McAurthur Medical

Flusso™ is a by pass adapter that can be used with passive or active humidity systems to prevent the disconnection of the patient from the mechanical ventilator during a circuit change, HME change

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SunTech CT40

SunTech Medical

Utilizing SunTech’s market-leading, clinical-grade Advantage™ BP technology, the SunTech CT40 is the only vital signs device of its kind.

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