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AII-2000 A, HC Oxygen Analyzers

AII-2000 A, HC Oxygen Analyzers

Application: The AII-2000 A, HC Oxygen Analyzers are intended for short term use in combination with therapeutic devices such as lung ventilators and incubators; monitoring vital physiological processes and parameters such as respiration, anesthesia, intensive or
emergency care; monitoring the administration of gases using ventilators, anesthesia machines, hyperbaric chambers and medical gas mixers.  The AII-2000 A, HC Oxygen Analyzers measure and displays an independent secondary confirmation of the oxygen concentration in breathing gases administered by other devices.

Analysis: 0-100% oxygen

Accuracy: Less than + 1% of FS range under constant conditions and +5% over the operating range

Application Considerations:

  • Anesthetic agents: Complies with ISO 80601-2-55 for the maximum error allowable over a given duration.
  • Temperature: Signal output and expected life change 2.54% per 1°C. Signal output is compensated within following ambient calibration, step changes of 15°C require 30-60 minutes to equilibrate.
  • Pressure: Signal output and expected life change proportionally.  Accurate at any pressure provided it is constant, change is gradual simulating the human lung and the device is calibrated at the pressure of the sample gas. 
  • Humidity: Non-condensing RH has no effect. Adding water vapor to the sample reduces the oxygen concentration.
  • Condensation: Causes erroneously readings if allowed to cover the sensing area or collect on electrical connections.
  • Electromagnetic Radiation: Susceptible to interference over frequencies from 26 MHz to 1000 MHz.

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