Project Description

Helping Hands – Deluxe Classic Reacher

Ideal for picking up everyday items around the home if bending or reaching is difficult. This length is most useful for dressing.

  • Available in 26″ and 32″

  • Gripcert jaw and handle ensure a firm but kind grip on the finest of items-paper, fabric etc.

  • Hooked trigger for a more secure hold

  • Magnetic tip for retrieving keys, pins etc.

  • Yellow stick clip allows you to attach your reacher to a walking aid.

  • Integrated dressing post for aid whilst dressing.

  • Limited Lifetime guarantee

Shoe Helper, Ergonomic Handle

A shoe horn/Helping Hand Reacher combined; extra maneuverability for shoes, use it also as a general dressing aid or bedroom reacher.

  • 66cm (26″)

  • 82cm (32″)

  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Classic PRO Reacher

With all the features of our Classic PRO Reacher-but it folds! The smallest Helping Hand, folds to only 33cm 13″ to fit in your travel bag. Link to Classic PRO Reacher Product information. Please see Product Sheet for further information.

Product Sheet
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