Project Description

Soft Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs, made with a soft, yet durable fabric that ensures patient comfort and reliability. With a tapered shape for easy and accurate application, there’s even a place to write your patient’s name directly on the cuff! With an eye toward affordability, SunTech disposable blood pressure cuffs promote single-patient use and come in a full range of sizes — all the way down to neonatal cuffs for your littlest patients — and are color coded for easy identification and quick selection. Designed for multiple inflations, they are comfortable yet durable and because the cuff is actually the sensor, they have been engineered them with external and internal range indicators for use in the most challenging clinical environments. On top of all of that, with SunTech cuffs standardization program you can use one cuff for any patient, with any monitor in any department.

Product Sheet
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