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Exhalo™ Shield

Exhalo™ Shield

A barrier between patients and staff, the EXHALO™ Shield was designed to minimize the release of airborne contaminants and aerosol particles upon patient exhalation. The EXHALO™ does not affect oxygen delivery and is compatible with nebulizers, aerosol masks, simple masks and non-rebreather masks. Available in both pediatric and adult sizes.


  • Works with many brands of oxygen and aerosol masks that utilize a metal nose clip
  • Fits onto adult and pediatric masks
  • Helps direct patient exhalation when used in collaboration with hospital vacuum systems
  • Enhanced protection for patients and staff
  • Lightweight, transparent
  • Single patient use, latex and BPA-free

Where Should It Be Used?

  • With any infectious patient receiving oxygen therapy
  • With any oxygen mask delivering more than 6 LPM of oxygen flow
  • In all patient areas (ICU, PICU, ER, Wards)
  • Patient transport


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