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Flusso™ is a by pass adapter that can be used with passive or active humidity systems to prevent the disconnection of the patient from the mechanical ventilator during a circuit change, HME change or disconnection of patient for transport.  During ventilator circuit disconnection there is the potential for lung de-recruitment, staff exposure to airborne particles alongside the risk of organisms entering into the breathing circuit (it does not take long for any or all of these events to occur). Flusso eliminates the need for circuit disconnection during an HME change.  When using Flusso for patient transport, activate and attach transport ventilator or resuscitation bag to bypass port, turn off main ventilator and disconnect from ventilator port. To reconnect to stationary ventilator reverse procedure. Activate and attach stationary ventilator, turn off transport ventilator or resuscitation bag and disconnect from bypass port. When by-pass port is not in use ensure it is capped, using tethered cap provided.

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