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Laryngoscope Systems

Laryngoscope Systems

Laryngoscope Handle
Flip-Tip® Articulating Fiber Optic Laryngoscopes
Green System Laryngoscope Handle
Green System LED Laryngoscope Handle

The 3 handle sizes, “C”, “Stubby” & “ AA” are available with xenon bulbs or the new Superlume LED light sources. Propper Laryngoscopes provide you with one brilliant advantage after another: brighter illumination, ease of cleaning & sterilization and longer lifetime period “C” & “AA” handles feature a long life patented switch mechanism and a removable inner compartment allowing hassle-free cleaning and sterilization.

All 3 handles fit any fiber-optic blade compliant with the “Green System” standard. Superlume LED handles have the brightest output of any current handle. Together with its high colour temperature, the effect creates the best conditions for intubation.

Please see the link to the Propper website for more information on Laryngoscope Handles

Laryngoscope Blade
Macintosh Fiber Optic Blade
Miller Fiber Optic Blade
Flip-Tip Blade
Neonatal Fiber Optic Blade

Fully compliant with infection control requirements with a large diameter fiber optic with unsurpassed light transmission. Made with superior material and surface treatment with a flawless pinhole free Ni/Cr plating.

Integrated design minimizes bodily fluid entrapment and with the epoxy sealed channel heat resistant up to 392F makes cleaning very easy.

Please see the link to the Propper website for more information on Laryngoscope Blades

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