Project Description

MediBeads naturally and continuously replace moisture so there is no need to add water. Easy to Use Simply microwave and apply for moist heat therapy. Unique wrap designs can be used during normal activity or range of motion exercises. With proper care they will last for years.

Safe & Effective

The time-released moist heat from MediBeads delivers therapeutic levels of treatment for up to 30 minutes. Select styles can also be frozen for effective cold therapy. Non-toxic.


Ready after just 1-2 minutes in the microwave. MediBeads naturally and continuously replace moisture so there is no need to add water.


Through a patent-pending process, MediBeads produce “clean moist heat”. MediBeads remain odor free and will not support mold, bacteria, or fungi growth. Convenient Ready after just 1-2 minutes in the microwave.

Easy to Use

Simply microwave and apply for moist heat therapy. Unique wrap designs can be used during normal activity or range of motion exercises. With proper care they will last for years.

For Available sizes and styles, please see the Product Brochure for detailed information on the availability.

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