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NeoGuard Limboards

NeoGuard Limboards

Soft foam boards support IV sites and provide comfortable, effective stabilization.

NeoGuard Limboard Arm Boards:

  • Soft foam construction for comfortable, effective IV stabilization
  • Proprietary hydrogel strips hold Limboard in place without harming the skin
  • Can be reshaped multiple times as IV sties are repositioned
  • Packaged 48/case
  • Two sizes to fit all infants

Ordering Information

#4400      1" x 4" with gel strips    
#4401      1.5" x 4.5" with gel strips   
#4400B    1" x 4" w/o gel strips    
#4401B    1.5" x 4.5" w/o gel strips    

Product Sheet

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