Project Description

The Vitalograph Pneumotrac features sophisticated Spirotrac 6 software and the unparalleled accuracy of Fleisch pneumotachograph flow measuring technology.

  • Simply plugs into a PC‘s USB port for a low-cost spirometry solution

  • Adaptable, interactive, user friendly software for full automation

  • Network ready, standardised communications with other databases

  • Comprehensive, configurable reports for spirometry sessions and trending

  • Intuitive user interface with workflow orientated presentation

  • Automatic FEV1 trend chart of actual and normal range data as subject is selected

  • Open session, f/v and v/t curves, all test data and test quality in one view

  • Choice of attractive incentives

  • Spirotrac supports GDT Standard connectivity for EMR systems

  • Built-in test quality checks (daily accuracy check can be forced if required)

  • Proven spirometry software with automatic test quality control and trending

  • Fully scalable database capacity using powerful Microsoft® SQL server technology

  • Links to Vitalograph Over-Read Spirometry QA Service

  • Links to practice management systems to automatically transfer subject and test data

  • Automatic storage of all test data and events, including calibration log

Product Sheet
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