Project Description

pNeuton Model S Ventilator With CPAP For EMS Ground And Air Transport

The pNeuton model S ventilator provides mask CPAP plus volume or pressure ventilation. The built-in CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) system allows you to start with mask CPAP and if the patient needs it, provide ventilation as well. A choice of 100% or 65% oxygen delivery lets you significantly extend transport times. With simple-to-use controls – Tidal Volume, Respiratory Rate and Pressure Limit – pNeuton S can provide volume-targeted or pressure-limited ventilation. The built-in high output demand flow CPAP system insures critical care ventilation needs are optimized for spontaneous and mandatory breaths.

Operates with no batteries, no electrical power

Fully pneumatic, the pNeuton S does not use batteries or electrical power. And it can help you care for the most difficult patients, from trauma site to the emergency room, to the MRI, for inter-facility transport, wherever the patient may be located. The pNeuton ventilators are critical care devices designed for use by healthcare professionals under the direction of a physician.

Product Sheet
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