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ReadyDock RD5

ReadyDock RD5


The convenient ReadyDock products, use a patented technology.  With ReadyDock, you know disinfection happens the same way each and every time and is not left to your busy staff if and when they have time.

ReadyDock: is the world’s 1st solution to offer charging, storage, security, syncing and chemical-free general purpose disinfection for mobile devices.

In a medical setting, these devices are high-touch surfaces that can serve as “reservoirs for certain microorganisms that can cause infections in patients and health care workers.”
Accordingly, these devices require frequent disinfection. Chemical disinfection of a tablet can take up to 15 minutes (per typical disinfection policies), but ReadyDock’s patented technology provides disinfection for mobile devices in less than a minute without chemicals.

- Helps Protect Patients and Clinical Staff
- Charging, Locking & Disinfection in a Single Step
- Modular Design for Customized Workflow
- Chemical-Free General Purpose Disinfection …in less than a minute!

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