Project Description

Minimizing Transfer of viruses, bacteria and airborne medication from patients health care professionals and others nearby.
Our patented Tavish® filter masks can be used for either oxygen or aerosol therapy and provide a heightened level of concern for health care professionals and others nearby. Respan® Tavish® filter masks are equipped with light weight high efficiency viral/bacteria filters attached to the mask side ports:

  • Minimizing free airborne aerosol mist
  • Minimizing the absorption of excess medications by others
  • Minimizing disease transfer and reducing the risk of infections by effectively filtering patient exhalation

The Tavish® filter mask uses a high-flow filter media which greatly reduces the transfer of viruses and bacteria from the patient to the surrounding environment.
In addition, when used in nebulizer applications the filter media limits the escape of medication, thereby reducing unintended absorption by other nearby patients or staff.

RESPAN® Tavish® Filter Masks are available in three product categories: Aerosol, Medium Concentration, and Non-Rebreathing

Product Sheet
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