Project Description

Danny Ties – Respiralogics/GaleMed

Danny Ties are unique tracheostomy tube holders with a softer and more comfortable fit around the neck for patients of all ages. Design by a caring father for his son.

Tracheostomy Collars – Marpac

These collars are made of soft, pillow-like foam that greatly reduces discomfort and painful skin breakdown. Closures are made of soft fabric twill or Velcro® with rounded edges that can attach anywhere on the foam collar without rubbing or biting into the skin of patients. Available in One-piece, Two-piece and Bariactric to Paediatric sizes.

Tracheostomy Tube Holders – Pepper Medical

The Pepper Tracheostomy Tube Holders are designed to provide secure positioning and to minimize movement of the tracheostomy tube. The moisture wicking lining on the 2-piece, adjustable neckband leaves the skin dry, reducing the risk of skin breakdown. Secure and easy to use fastener tabs fit any size trach plate.

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