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TRACOE aeris® Balloon Dilation Catheter

TRACOE aeris® Balloon Dilation Catheter

The TRACOE aeris balloon dilatation catheter is intended for dilating strictures in the airways. Minimally invasive balloon dilatation is an effective atraumatic method of treatment for stenoses.

Colour coding of the connections correspond to markers on the TRACOE high pressure inflation device REF 725 to ensure the correct pressure settings.

In sterile package

  • Innovative non-slip design (two hubs distally and proximately at the ends of the balloon for fixation)
  • Provides safe, secure placement
  • Controlled, radial dilation
  • Constant dilation of strictures
  • For adults & children

Patient Frindley Dilation

  1. Under bronchoscopy surveillance the dilation catheter is introduced and placed exactly at the stenosis.
  2. The physician fills the balloon of the catheter with sterile water. This will radially expand the balloon and dilate the stricture in a controlled manner.
  3. The innovative non-slip design of the balloon provides safe, secure placement reducing the risk of slippage.
  4. Applying the optimal size leads to a continual extrusion of the stenosis. 
REF 820-05Premature < 30 weeks, Premature > 30 weeks, Neonates / Infants5 x 30 mm17 atm
REF 820-06Premature > 30 weeks, Neonates / Infants6 x 30 mm17 atm
REF 820-07Premature > 30 weeks, Neonates / Infants, 1 year7 x 30 mm17 atm
REF 820-082 - 4 years8 x 30 mm17 atm
REF 820-094 - 6 years9 x 30 mm17 atm
REF 820-106 - 10 years10 x 30 mm17 atm
REF 820-1210 - 14 years12 x 40 mm10 atm
REF 820-1412 - 16 years, Adult Female14 x 40 mm10 atm
REF 820-1614 - 16 years, Adult Female and Male16 x 40 mm10 atm
REF 820-18Adult Male18 x 40 mm10 atm

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