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The Turbine nasal dilator is not only a key tool for any sports activity but also has been proven to improve your sleep.

  • Provides you with an INSTANT feeling of increased airflow.
  • Makes breathing easier when the going gets tough.
  • Aids in improving sleep quality and recovery.
  • Supports some breathing difficulties related to obstructed nasal passages.
  • It’s drug free.
  • Acts as a bio-feedback tool so you remember to breathe efficiently.
  • Crafted from ultra-soft medical grade polymers and fits comfortably, in the nose.
  • Reusable – up to ten uses per Turbine.
  • Patented dilation technology means you achieve a totally customisable, anatomical fit.
  • There are three different sizes available.
  • May alleviate congestion.

Please see the Product Sheet for further information.


Product Sheet

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