Project Description

Turtle Tub Features

Designed for infant safety, comfort, ease of use and infection control.  The TurtleTub system is ideal for swaddle bathing and immersion tub bathing with options for single-patient and multi-patient use.  TurtleTub disposable bath liners are thick poly liners with elastic holds to secure in place in the TurtleTub making this ideal for multi-patient use.

Swaddle Bathing Benefits

  • Supports family-centered care

  • Mimics compact environment of womb

  • Decreases physiologic and motor stress

  • Conserves energy

  • Improves state control

  • Enhances ability to feed after bath

  • Decreases temperature loss

  • Causes less crying

  • Facilitates social interaction

  • Should be routine in your hospital

Product Sheet
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