Project Description

Turtle Tub Features

  • Ribs and high sides supports infant

  • Fleece blanket has excellent thermal properties

  • Temperature strip designed for infant bathing

  • Rinse cup stores conveniently

  • Neutral PH mild baby wash

  • Convenient Pour Spout

  • Smooth contours for easy cleaning

  • Flow through design keeps water circulating around baby and holds temperature

  • Stackable for easy storage

  • Small footprint, saves table space

  • Easy to lift and carry

Swaddle Bathing Benefits

  • Supports family-centered care

  • Mimics compact environment of womb

  • Decreases physiologic and motor stress

  • Conserves energy

  • Improves state control

  • Enhances ability to feed after bath

  • Decreases temperature loss

  • Causes less crying

  • Facilitates social interaction

  • Should be routine in your hospital

Product Sheet
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