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Woombie Med Pods

Woombie Med Pods

The FIRST 360° swaddle that works around medical devices for neurodevelopment and developmental care.

Woombie Med Pods are developmental care swaddles for hospitalized neonates and infants up to 6 months of age.

Four innovative designs to include patient populations historically left unswaddled and stressed.

  • Woombie Med Pods swaddle while still allowing for clinical access and procedural support.  Custom slits & flaps for central lines, drains, and monitor leads.
  • Woombie Bili Pods swaddle during phototherapy treatment.  Allows 94+% luminosity during phototherapy.
  • Woombie Trach Pods deep v-neck for respiratory and cardiac care.  Easy access to an oncology patient’s port-a-cath or broviac central line.
  • Woombie Gastro Pods features a midsection flap that opens for patients with g-button, colostomy bag, postoperative gastrointestinal or umbilical needs.
  • Woombie Sleepy Pod provides comfort and support from birth to three months.  Meets AAP Sleep Standards.

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