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Woombie Med Pods

Woombie Med Pods

The FIRST 360° swaddle that works around medical devices for hospitalized infants to assist with neurodevelopment

We offer four innovative designs to include patient populations historically left unswaddled and stressed
woombie bili pod, woombie med pod, woombie trach pod, woombie gastro pod


  • Woombie Med Pods feature custom slits & flaps for central lines, drains, and monitor leads
  • Woombie Bili Pods allows full luminosity during phototherapy
  • Double zipper allows easy access to diaper area or feet for pulse ox, heel sticks, blood draw, IV, and hanging out additional leads
  • Fabric is thin enough for vital signs checks without disturbing baby or overstimulating
  • Pass OSHA standards for hospital sanitation and laundering, reusable
  • CE Certified


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