Project Description

DuraLock-C™ : Trisodium citrate – reduces infections and thrombosis catheter related. Pre-filled syringes, packaged in fully sterile sets.


  • Used to maintain catheter patency which may result in fewer catheter withdrawals due to complications.

  • Pre-filled syringes ready to use immediately after removing sterile pouch and syringe cap.

  • Terminally sterilized, allows for aseptic technique and the syringes to be placed in the sterile field.

  • Sterile pouches may increase overall procedural efficiency and remove the risk of inadvertent needle.

Why DuraLock?

  • Strong antithrombotic

  • No systemic and non-toxic effects

  • Prevents biofilm formation

  • Broad-spectrum anti-bacterial effect

  • No development of drug-resistant bacteria

  • Less catheter infections

  • Less coagulation in the catheters

  • Less use of Urokinase and antibiotics

  • Less waiting time (start of treatment)

  • Less flow issues

  • Less hospitalization

  • Less interruption of dialysis treatments

Effective Packaging

PRE-FILLED SYRINGES: each set include a pair of 3 ml syringe -arterial and venous; each syringe contains 2.5 ml of product. Both syringes are luer-type and are packaged in a fully sterile Tyvek® bag. The completely sterile pair of syringes reduces the risk of nosocomial infections compared to the classic vial packaging.

Product Sheet
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