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Lung Function Monitors and Screeners

Lung Function Monitors and Screeners


The Vitalograph asma-1™ is a simple home use electronic respiratory monitor that measures PEF and FEV1 and may be integrated with smart phone or tablet for ePRO data collection.

Available in a child version and with a USB function.



The copd-6™ identifies those at risk of COPD at the pre-symptomatic stage to allow early medical intervention and facilitate better clinical outcomes.

Available with USB.


Lung monitor

Easy to use device for monitoring of lung function parameters for those with respiratory conditions including cystic fibrosis and transplant patients.

Available with USB.


Lung Age

The Vitalograph lung age compares a subject's FEV1 with predicted normal values to calculate the subject's 'lung age'. A high lung age in relation to the subject's chronological age can illustrate the likely negative impact of continued smoking on lung function and encourage smoking cessation.

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