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Boppy HC Feeding Pillows

Boppy HC Feeding Pillows

Wipeable Breastfeeding Pillow: Designed specically for healthcare, the Boppy® HC Feeding Pillow maintains the same qualities as the regular Boppy® Pillow
by putting mom in an ergonomically correct position for breastfeeding

HC Best Latch™ Breastfeeding Pillow : Designed with a lactation consultant, this two-sided pillow
helps smaller babies latch with proper head and neck support

Maintains the same qualities as the regular Boppy® Pillow, but is designed specifically for health care. For use as a feeding pillow only.

· IMPERMEABLE – Passed AAMI test for liquid permeability.
· WIPEABLE – Maintains cleanliness.
· SANITARY – Addresses infection control issues of healthcare facilities.
· DURABLE – Supports prolonged use.
· LATEX-FREE – Safe for mom and newborn.
· COMFORTABLE – Ergonomic design eases strain on mom while providing comfort for her newborn.



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